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Carpenter Ant Control: Signs, Damages, Prevention & Treatment

Carpenter ants are one of the destructive yet common pests found in Vancouver. These ants can cause serious structural damages and that is why they are dangerous. If you don’t pay attention to the carpenter ant problem in the first place, it can turn into a serious issue in no time. However, unlike many people think, carpenter ants don’t eat wood. They feed on living and dead insects. However, they chew wood and create tunnels in wooden structures for nesting.

In this post, we are going to discuss the following things in a brief manner:

  • Signs of carpenter ants infestation
  • Damages carpenter ants could cause
  • Ways to prevent carpenter ants infestation
  • The best way to get rid of carpenter ants

So, if you think that your house has carpenter ants but not completely sure about it then you must read this post properly.

Carpenter Ants – Signs of Infestation

Here are the signs of carpenter ants infestation:

  • Carpenter ants are large-sized ants. So, it is not difficult to identify them. If you spot large black & red ants in your home, chances are your house has been infested by carpenter ants.
  • If your house has carpenter ants, you will often see piles of wood shavings under the furniture and structures that are made of wood.
  • You can hear carpenter ants chewing wood. Usually, a rustling sound comes when these ants create tunnels in wooden structures.

If you have any of these experiences, you should start investigating the matter immediately. The sooner you will identify and remove the carpenter ants from your home, the better it will be for you.

carpenter ant control

Carpenter Ants – Damages

We have already mentioned what kind of damage carpenter ants could cause to a property. So, if you have a lot of wooden furniture and structures in your house, you should consider taking the necessary steps to remove these ants from your property before they could reproduce and multiply in numbers.

Carpenter Ants – Prevention

Here are the strategies that you can implement to prevent carpenter ants from nesting in the wooden structures of your home:

  • If you have any tree with branches touching the roof or exterior walls of your house, you should trim it immediately.
  • If there’s any hole or crack around the windows, doors, and walls of your home that could help these ants enter your house, you should caulk it as soon as possible.
  • Another way to prevent carpenter ants infestation in your house is by storing firewood away from your home. Bring them inside only after checking the signs of infestation mentioned above.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

To get a long-term solution to the carpenter ant problem, you should contact professional pest controllers. ‘Green Valley Pest Control Ltd’ is one of the leading companies that have been providing services for carpenter ant control in Vancouver for a long time. They use organic methods for pest removal. Visit the website – to know more. Browse through other articles and blogs for more tips and guidelines.

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