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Know How You Get Help from K-1 Visa in Chicago

A K-1 visa, which is also called a fiancé visa, lets the engaged partner of a U.S. citizen to go into the United States, as long as the pair gets married. But, there is an important fact that you have to keep in mind, the marriage should be executed within 90 days. The newly married couple can then apply for permanent residence based on marriage. So, now you can understand how important this visa is. If you are in need of this visa, you can contact a lawyer for getting this. According to most of the people of Chicago, lawyers are capable enough to help couples in getting this visa easily and quickly. But, before you hire a lawyer for getting K-1 Visa in Chicago, let’s have a look at the advantages you can get by acquiring this visa. Here is a brief overview.

You Can Get Advantaged From K-1 Visa: Know How!

Here are mentioned the advantages you will get by attaining K-1Visa.

The real advantage of the K1 Visa, which is also called K1 Fiancé Visa, is the comparatively rapid processing time for acquiring the visa. This is very advantageous as getting Visa has been a very long process these days in the United States. This way you can skip the hazard and get what you require. From the start of the process to finish, K-1 Visa takes about 6-7 months.

The obvious advantage of acquiring his visa is that if you are not sure about getting married to your overseas fiancé, then this visa will allow you to “try out” being together for 90 days in the United States before you make the final decision to get married. If things don’t work out as you have planned earlier, then your fiancé can go home. This is a great way and people are getting more and more interested to get this visa these days.

Another important advantage of K-1 Visa in Chicago is that the waiting time of a Fiancé Visa is generally much shorter than the Marriage Visa. And this is another reason why people are getting interested in this. There is really less need for document collection in the United States before the file are sent to the U.S. the fact is skipping some of the document collection can actually save about 1-2 months. So, it is suggested that you choose this visa rather than the marriage visa.

But, in order to make sure everything is going on in the perfect way and your partner will get the visa in minimal time, you have to approach a qualified lawyer. The lawyer firm mentioned in the final passage can help you.

Hire Lawyers from This Firm

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