Office Furniture in Malaysia: the Beginner’s Guide to the Office Owners

This article is useful for those who want to open a new office after lockdown. Here are some tips to help you buy office furniture in Malaysia online. So no more wait! Keep scrolling down this page and learn more.

Here is a list of office furniture

  • Rectangular Shape Office desk – Its standard sizes come in 4, 5, and 6 feet. Ideal for office.
  • D Shape Office Desk- It is named as D Shape, as the shape of table top is D Shape. The standard sizes for D Shapes in the market are 6 Feet.
  • L Shape Office Desk- The whole table comes in L shape and the standard size of L-shape office desks are 5×5 and 6×5.
  • Office Leather Chair- Most office leather chairs are made by cow leather.
  • PU Leather Chair- Most half leather office chair is made by both PU Leather. It is cheap and good for the office.
  • Mesh Office Chair- Mesh Chair is made by mesh (For Chair Back) + fabric (For the Seating).
  • Rectangular Shape Office Partition Workstation- This workstation is available in 3 different sizes. You can install it in your office for making conferences.
  • L Shape Office Partition Workstation– This workstation is available in 2 different sizes. If you have a large conference room, then you can install it.
  • Steel Cabinets- Cabinets are essential for all office staff. These cabinets come in three different styles like – Drawer/Pedestal, Chipboard Cabinet, and Steel Cabinets.

How to Buy Office Furniture Online

Here are some things you should consider before buying office furniture:

  • Services and warranties- Most furniture suppliers’ offer at least one year warranty. So before placing an order, it is necessary to check whether there is a warranty facility.
  • Should read product description- Before placing your order, don’t forget to read the product description. With product description you can get a clear idea about the furniture.
  • Check the price- The price of each piece of furniture is determined by its quality, style and quantity. So this matter needs to be considered in advance.
  • Check the payment option- Since you buy furniture from an online supplier, it is your responsibility to consider the payment process.

Where to Buy Office Furniture in Malaysia

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